God’s plan is not second-best

“God had something else in mind.”

Have you ever heard those words, spoken in the context of a surprising turn of events?  Have you said them yourself?  What do we really mean when those words come out of our mouths?

  • I can handle this unpleasantry only because I know God is sovereign.
  • If it couldn’t happen my way, I guess I can accept it this way.
  • It’s not how I would have done it, but…

I would like to challenge this way of thinking in my own heart.  I want to call it out as terribly wrong.

Proverbs 16:9 tells us that no matter what we plan, God is the one who directs our steps.  It’s only wise and right to make plans, but we must not hold our plans too tightly.  We all know that.  Most people admit freely that God’s ways are not our own.  We even claim to know that his ways are higher than our ways.  But do we really own that truth?

I feel that far too often, I tend to think that my plans are just amazing, and God plans are plans that I have to bear with a stiff upper lip.  How can I think like this?  I am an exceedingly flawed, finite, selfish human being with an eye to my perceived best interests and temporal happiness.  God is a perfectly loving, perfectly wise, all-knowing and infinite being.  Shouldn’t I be thrilled when I find that my plans have been set aside in favor of God’s different plan?

Everything that happens in my life has been orchestrated by God.  That truth doesn’t decrease in beauty when life doesn’t align with my plans.  In fact, I am beginning to revel in the fact that God saw something around the corner that I simply didn’t see — and in his divine love, he chose to keep set me on a better path.


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