my plans don’t always happen

…but he is good.

For several months I’ve been considering teaching abroad in Japan for a year or two after graduating.  At first it was just an idea.  I was interested in the experience and the culture.  Last weekend the idea came very close to reality.

Having applied to a program that appealed to me, I made it through the application stage, the group interview, and a personal interview.  The group interview was a great experience that I can only describe as fun.  The personal interview was less fun, but I was cautiously optimistic thinking that I might be chosen out of hundreds of applicants.

By this time I had dozens of friends and family rooting for me (having gotten past the initial reaction, “JAPAN?!?!”  Thanks for understanding that my behaviors are rarely limited by the bonds of “normal” and “realistic”.)

Strangely enough my own excitement was almost completely unmixed with nervousness about the idea of moving to another country.  However, in the back of my mind and the corners of my heart, I considered the effect that my leaving would have on my loved ones and the possibility that the experience might not be all I hoped.  In my prayers I could only repeat that I really, really wanted the position…but that I really don’t know what is best.

Today I received a letter regretfully informing me that a position could not be offered at this time…please apply again later…thank you for applying…etc.  I won’t be teaching English in Japan unless God is planning a surprise.

I’m disappointed.  But I know that God saw something I didn’t see.  He knows things I’ll never know.  And I do trust 100% that he is sovereign over every little or big thing that happens in my life.

Where do I go from here?  I plan to substitute teach in as much of a variety of placements as possible before applying to full-time teaching positions (locally) next Fall.  It’s not what I had hoped, but I do truly love teaching and I have no qualms with this back-up plan!

God has blessed me ABUNDANTLY with a passion for doing weird and/or unexpected things as well as with more opportunities than I can count.  I have no doubt that wherever I land (or whatever journey I take) will be God’s very unique, perfectly chosen place for me to serve him.

Now that I have my passport, is there anywhere I should travel while I’m still young and unattached?


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